Getting Started

So! Say you are brand new and you want to build a new character for PFS from scratch.. Well we have a REALLY short guide to get you started.

Read or Print This Guide:  Quick Build Guide!
Read or Print This Page: Understanding our Factions Guide!

Then.. If you want to know all the details and specifics about the Organized Play format:

You can download/read our guide which is available here: The Pathfinder Society Organized Play Guide 

But-If you still have questions, check out our FAQ’s and About Us Pages!

When you are done with those things, here is a collection of links that I hope most players/GMs will find useful.

Bay Area Pathfinder Society
If you’re going to the bay area and looking for a game, this is where you can find out what’s going on.

Sacramento Area Pathfinder Society
Live in Sacramento? Check out our games in the Sacramento Area!

Obsidian Portal
This award-winning campaign tracking website is a fantastic tool for GMs and players alike.

Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast
Azmyth, Venture Captain for Northern California puts this podcast together. Although he only releases them a few times a year, they are one of the best RPG podcasts I’ve heard.

Character Creation & Sheets

Judging Tools
Paizo’s unofficial chat room, featuring Tuesday night Q&A sessions w/ James Jacobs!

General Materials

System Reference Documents

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